A nobody in a world full of somebodies
I am a disease.
My bleeding heart takes me into the abyss
I can no longer climb out.

A crescent moon taunts me with possibilities
I cannot follow.
Only the loneliness is my solace
It is my true companion.

Heaven awaits
Hell is where I’ll end up.
Despite my pure intentions
I am evil.

My body stops my consciousness
I open bloodshot eyes.
A zombie exists where love once did
I am a drone.


Where There Did She

Where, oh, where there did she
Take it all in and swallowed the sea
For the air could not hold her
And the ground was too firm
Fire too hot, she would easily burn

So there to the edge of the world she flew
Along the way suckling upon dew
A robin winked and a porcupine bristled
Still she flew light as feather, as soft as a whistle

Past castles and fields, closer to thee
Where there she could swallow the sea

For a meadow’s too low and the pixies bid her go
A fire rock rumbled and frightened her away
The cliffs did beg her jump but she couldn’t stay
Once to thrice one thing did summon
And come forth to follow what’s not undone

Where, oh where there sat she
To take a big drink and swallow the sea

Tell Me All

Tell me something special.
Tell me something golden.
Tell me something no one else has ever heard before.

Give me new words.
Make my ears ring with pleasure.

Tell me something sweetly.
Tell me something in a voice of silver.
Tell me in a way that shivers down my skin.

Whisper to me as if I’m your greatest secret.
Let your words be my undoing.

Tell me something deep.
Tell me something unwritten.
Tell me something to free my soul.