Dready Steady Dreadlocks

Yes, I am a person who is currently aspiring to have some awesome locks.

I can’t exactly say what the “why” is, other than I really needed to break free from myself… If that makes any sense. I needed to DO something and my hair is the first thing I think to change when I feel the need to express myself. I didn’t realize when I started them that I needed a journey, but I do. So far, I can say that I feel more comfortable with myself while having this wild mess than I ever have in my whole life of being me. It’s the hair I never knew I needed.

Anywho. This is my journey for mebut I thought it’d be neat to invite others along for the ride by documenting the craziness and progression from baby dreads to my, someday, mature dreadlocks. It’s under DIY, because I did and maintain my dreadlocks myself… along with some valuable contributions from my husband.

I began the sectioning and backcombing in the back, and hubby took over from there. Since we’re parents and have to adult, it took a few days to get all of my hair sectioned and backcombed.


2 days after finishing the backcombing 

After researching a bunch about products and wax, I landed on using Rasta Jamaican Mango and Lime locking gel. I used it for about a week, but discontinued because I decided to go in a more natural direction with my hair. Some will rant against it, but in my short time of using it, it did just fine. It kept my dreads neat and presentable, and the scent of the gel is delicious. Since I didn’t use it for very long, I can’t vouch for long-term use.

Once I decided to wash the gel out, I did a deep cleanse using a baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse. I wanted to make sure my hair came out really clean to continue the locking process.

*This cleanse is to be used sparingly if at all, as it can seriously damage hair.*

After the rinse, my hair had a lot of little loops- yay!

The shampoo I am currently using is from Bucks County Soap Factory. It has been working pretty well for me, and my little dreadlocks are moving along fabulously. I also have their locking gel for special occasions (aka, the rare date- night) when I really want to tame all the loops and frizz.

Homemade sea salt spray, or a locking accelerator, and palm- rolling have been my best friends on a normal “need to look somewhat presentable” day. Otherwise, I try to ignore how crazy they look/feel and just embrace the chaos.

Since I’ve cut regular use of gel and continue my washing regime of every other day as per usual, I’ve seen a lot of dreadlings change into almost mature dreadlocks already.

Dreadlocks will do some seriously interesting things before they mature into their majestic ropes. Some of mine dreaded at the root first, while others completely fell out and began at the bottom. Some fell out and split themselves into smaller sections, creating new babies that are now dreading. The twists and loops give each one their own personality. And some sections I couldn’t stand leaving loose (I meddle), so I dreaded them using the rip and twist method. My hair is now a blend of every locking stage and three methods of dreading.

Here’s a small gallery of my journey so far:



2 weeks


3 weeks


1 month (Happy Valentine’s Day!)


Crazy loop at around 5 weeks


2 months


11 weeks and really going wild

Stay tuned for updates. I’ll be adding photos of my experience, as well as things I’ve done and learned.



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